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Assisting Elderly People and Children With Disabilities at Home

Living alone in old age or having a disability shouldn’t hinder a person from enjoying life to the fullest. There is nothing more painful than seeing loved ones unable to do the things they love most. If you want to change their lives for the better, turn to LORDiCan Home Care LLC in Mount Holly, New Jersey. We are certified, insured, bonded and accredited in the state of New Jersey. 

As the owner, I take pride in having more than 10 years of experience in homecare. I serve those in general population, especially senior citizens and children with disabilities, who need assistance with their daily activities at home. Get in touch with me today to learn about the nonmedical care services I offer! 


What I Envision

I aim to give my clients the best-quality care services that suit their individual needs. For me, it is not just about helping them with their everyday struggles at home. I want them to achieve independence, so they can live the life they want to have.


Coming Soon

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